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TaQing Village

The Taqing (“Taching”) village water project is now complete.  Three separate  areas containing a total of 55 households and 300 residents now have water.    The first area received water back in June and the last home was connected  only last week.  The village residents were overwhelmed with gratitude as they  have water at their homes for the first time in the history of the village.  Some stats: · 2 springs developed  · 4 storage tanks constructed · 11,000 meters of trench dug & pipe installed  · 55 homes served  · 300 people receive clean water  Among those especially thankful for this gift of water were the elderly in the  village.  Comprised mostly of women, the elderly were forced to walk the  rugged trails to the distant contaminated water source and carry their buckets  of water home each day.  Now, their lives are easier and safer with water just  outside their doors.  On behalf of the residents of Taqing village, Thank you!