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Erji Village

The Erji village water project is now complete.  Here are a few of the many key points of the project: 90 Homes received clean, fresh, continuous water One mountain spring developed Over 9 miles of underground pipe installed 1 water storage tank constructed Water tap installed at each home Prior to this project residents (mostly the women and elderly) would hike over rough, mountainous terrain to get their 2 buckets of water a day from a contaminated source.  Residents shared how they would stand in line at a small trickle of water as it took time for each to fill their buckets.  Now, they step out their doors and have access to clean water all year.  Local residents have been noticing a gradual slowing or stopping of water flow from springs that traditionally had good flow all year.  This development is concerning for village residents who depend on these water sources for their daily needs.  Of course, they could move to another location, but land is scarce and they have long family histories in their home villages.  For these reasons, most choose to stay and make the best of it.  As talk of global warming reaches these small, remote villages, residents begin to wonder what will become of their homes if this trend continues.  Nosu farming lives are hard enough without worrying about their water sources.  Thank you for your generous support of these projects!