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Shaluo Village Elementary School Water

The Shaluo school principal approached us a couple of years ago asking for help with their water supply and we’re finally in a position to help.  Some of our sponsored high school students are from this village, so it’s nice to have that connection. This elementary school provides an education for about 300 students from the surrounding village of over 1000 households.  There’s an existing water supply providing water to both the village homes and the school, but since the school’s at the end of the pipeline, they never receive water.  The existing system is also in need of repair which exacerbates the situation. As a result, the school cannot provide an adequate lunch for these students.  They can only provide some boiled eggs and boxed milk.  At the same time, the education department is constructing a new cafeteria building at the school, but it doesn’t include a water supply.  So, very little will change for the students.  Therefore, we installed a new, dedicated water supply for the school. The new supply comes from a mountain spring about 2 kilometers from the school.  We improved the spring and piped the water underground to a new water storage tank on the hillside above the school.  The water serves the school kitchen, cafeteria, and hand wash stations.  The result is that students receive more nutritious meals and have clean water to drink.