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Zhuogu Village Rice Field Irrigation Project

The Zhuogu village irrigation project, completed in April 2016, provides irrigation water to 70 rice fields.  In the past several years the water supply traditionally used to flood these fields has dried up leaving the farmers to wait on the seasonal rains that come much later than what is necessary to plant rice.  Typically, one mu of land (1/6 acre) will produce 400-450 kilograms of rice and 250 kilograms of wheat. Due to the lack of water the farmers on this land are only able to harvest approximately 250 kilograms of rice and 150 kilograms of wheat when the rains are favorable. Due to lack of irrigation water, these farmer’s income is half of what would be normally expected. The increased yields due to proper irrigation will double their income compared to recent years and provide that same steady income in years that would normally provide no income at all due to the lack of rain.