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Books Mihelcic, James; Fry, Lauren, “Field Guide to Environmental Engineering for Development Workers.”  ASCE Press, 2009 Jordan, Thomas, “Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems for Small Communities”, UNICEF Kathmandu, Nepal, 1980. Websites Practical Action - http://www.itdg.org/ Engineering for Change - https://www.engineeringforchange.org/ Village Earth - http://www.villageearth.org/ Lifewater - https://lifewater.org/resource-library/ Knowledge Point - The technical Q&A forum for humanitarian & development workers.  https://knowledgepoint.org/en/questions/ Rural Water Supply Network RWSN - http://www.rural-water- supply.net/en/ Center For Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology CAWST - https://www.cawst.org/ Akvopedia, a free, open-sourced water, sanitation & hygiene resource - http://akvopedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Reference Material Appropriate Technology Sourcebook - 1050 of the best books dealing with all areas of do-it-yourself technology (PDF books on CD or USB).  https://www.villageearth.org/?s=Appropriate+Technology+Sourcebook Training CSU International Institute for Sustainable Development https://www.villageearth.org/home-2/training-consulting/online- certificate-program-in-sustainable-community-development/ Software EPA-Net - http://www.water-simulation.com/wsp/category/free-software/     
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