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Taqing Village Water Project

The village consists of 3 separate areas containing a total of 55 households.  Each of these areas lacks a clean water source and some homes are far from any source of water.  The project began providing water to these homes in July 2014.
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Shaluo School Kitchen Project

Shaluo village elementary school provides education for about 650 students from the surrounding village.  In the past they cooked meals for all of the students using a chopping block and a wood stove. This project provides new cafeteria kitchen equipment to help provide nutritious meals for the students.

Student Sponsorship Project

The Xide county sponsorship project for the 2016-17 school year supplements educational costs for 9 middle school, 38 high school, and 24 college students.

Shaluo School Hygiene Training

After the water project was complete each of the school’s 300 students received hygiene training emphasizing the importance of brushing teeth, washing hands, eating clean food, and protecting water sources.

ABoLuo Village Water Project

Aboluo village has about 240 households with over 1200 residents, most of whom have no clean water source.  Over 70 residents have no water within 1 mile of their home. The water supply to all 240 homes is now complete.  Each home now has clean, reliable water piped to their home.

HeBoLuo School Water Project

The Heboluo township school houses over 500 students, but their water supply is in disrepair and very difficult to maintain.  The supply cannot meet the school’s daily demand.  This project was completed in November 2013 and includes about 3800 meters of new pipe from the existing spring source to a new storage tank above the school. 

JinXing School Toilet Project

JinXing school serves over 500 children of a village just outside Xichang.  This is a private school opened specifically for the surrounding village.  The residents of this village are primarily migrant workers who’ve moved to the Xichang area from more remote villages in search of better opportunity.  The old toilet only had 6 stalls for over 500 students and their teachers.  This project provided a larger toilet building designed to reduce fly infestation, reduce odor, and improve hygiene.

Xide Flood Relief

On August 31, 2012 flash floods hit Xide county.  The disaster affected more than 20,000 households in 17 towns throughout the county of 100,000 people and caused economic losses of 3.2 billion yuan.  The flood affected villages by destroying crops and collapsing houses. As many as 29,000 homes were damaged and 13,340 houses collapsed.  Not only did families lose their homes, but also most of their possessions. As winter hit this valley these families still had no warm clothing or blankets.  This project provided 460 bed quilts to 265 families. 

Tapu Village School

The Tapu Village School Construction project replaced an old rammed earth school building with a new, earthquake resistant building.  Since many families live too far from the township school, these small grade village schools provide 1st through 3rd grade education.  After this school was completed, the student population increased due to parent’s willingness to send their children to a safe, well built school.

Erji Village Water Project

This project was completed in February 2015 which now provides 40 homes in this section of the village with clean water.  In addition, old, decayed piping was replaced with new piping serving 50 homes in an adjacent village.

Zeyue School Hygiene Training

Through relationships developed in a past water project we were able to enter this new school and provide hygiene training.  The training included personal hygiene and provided hygiene products to 250 students at the school.

Shaluo School Desks

School budgets are very tight for these rural schools and administrators must fund too many needs from their yearly budgets.  Often, desks and chairs are used far beyond their intended life and become unsafe and uncomfortable for the students. This project provides new desks and chairs for 160 students in 2 classrooms.

YueJin Village Water Project

In the past this section of the village where 60 families make their home received water from a pipeline servicing another village.  Due to the number of homes above them, Yuejin village receives no water.  This project will provide a separate water system from a nearby mountain spring.

Shaluo School Water Project

Shaluo school provides education for a village of over 1000 homes, yet has no water.  Their old water source is overused, therefore they no longer receive water.  This project will provide a new, independent water system for the school.

Zhuogu Irrigation Project

Rice fields belonging to 70 farming families lacked irrigatqion water.  The Zhuogu village irrigation project piped water from a distant stream to these fields. Now income for these farmers will increase dramatically.
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