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Volume 18, Issue 4 June 22, 2017
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2017-18 Student Sponsorship

We continue to make progress toward our goal for next school season’s  sponsorship program.  Thank you to all who’ve given already.  The next school  season starts in just 2 months (seems too early in the summer to even think of!),  so the deadline will come fast now.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the upcoming 2017-18 school year and sponsor at  least 64 students, have various interactive events, and assist 1 village preschool  by providing various needed supplies.    I would like to invite you to participate in this truly life changing program.  Please  consider sponsoring one student with a donation of $156/year or $13/month.  You can donate at the IDEAS website  Just note that the gift is for the Nosu Student Sponsorship.  Thank You! 

Student Volunteer Group

One of the ways we seek to impact our sponsored students is through our regular  Student Volunteer gatherings and events.  The group began by gathering our  sponsored college students for a picnic during their summer vacation.    These students generally don’t have part time jobs or any employment during  summer breaks other than helping their families on the farm.  So, one way to  engage them was to have a picnic.  At these picnics we talked with them about the value of caring for others,  particularly those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  This is a concept with  which they are very familiar since most of them come from very poor families.  Yet,  being poor shouldn't exclude them from helping others.    In fact, since starting these gatherings, these students (and many new members  of the group) have been involved in a variety of volunteer activities.  They’ve  helped us on water projects by providing manual labor.  They’ve helped provide  hygiene training multiple times.  They’ve helped with followup visits with middle  and high school students at their village homes.  One college graduate has even  started his own free tutoring center for high school students that he runs in his  spare time.  This past school year 30 of our former and currently supported students are in  college.  20 of those students regularly attend our gatherings.