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Year End Summary

At the end of each year I’m amazed at the amount of work we’ve been able to  complete, the impact the work has had on the people involved.    The list below summarizes the work completed just this year.  What it doesn’t  express are the many stories told by those impacted by these projects.  In fact,  I can only begin to convey the gratitude expressed by those I talked with and  the impact on their lives.  The stories of how our concern changed the course of  a life.  The results go far beyond dollars spent or materials exchanged.   

Student Sponsorship

103 total project high school graduates (over 10 years)  61 total project high school grads started college  30 still in college 31 college graduates  21 college graduates have found career jobs as teachers, government  employees, doctors, and others. 74 sponsored students in 2016-17  Sponsoring 24 college students in greatest need  Engaged college students in volunteer activities  Visited high school student homes and met families Shared motivation for our hope and our work 

Zhuogu Village Irrigation

70 families impacted  Increased yearly income by more that $300USD/family  Involved the farming community in project work and ownership 

Project Manager Funding

Raised $7,920 in yearly funding for project management consulting fees  Further developed local ownership and leadership of project work 

Shaluo School Kitchen Equipment

Provided 5 pieces of commercial kitchen equipment  300+ students receive nutritious daily meals 

Shaluo School Hygiene Training

Provided hygiene training to 6 grade levels plus kindergarten, totaling 480  students Provided tooth brushes, toothpaste, wash cloths to 300 students  Built on training provided in 2015 

Shaluo School Desks

Provided new desks and chairs for 2 classrooms totaling 160 students 

ZeYue School Hygiene Training

Provided hygiene training to 4 grade levels  Provided tooth brushes, toothpaste, wash cloths to 250 students  Developed relationships with school administration and staff members and  hope to return for yearly training. 

Aboluo Village Preschool Water

Extended the village water system installed in 2014 to the newly constructed  village preschool building. 
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Volume 17, Issue 9 December 24, 2016
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