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Updates and News on the Fight Against Poverty among the Nosu People of Southern Sichuan, China 

The Nosu People

High in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains live the Nosu people.  The Nosu are part of the Yi minority people spread throughout southern Sichuan, western Guizhou, and northern Yunnan provinces.  The majority are still farmers making a meager living off their small plots of land growing mostly potatoes, corn, buckwheat, and if possible, rice.  However, income from these crops is very small forcing many of them to seek work away from their homes, thereby separating families for extended periods of time. As education has become a major emphasis in China, more and more Nosu young people are graduating high school and some are getting college degrees.  Nonetheless, life continues to be a struggle to improve.  Jobs for Nosu are hard to find, even with a college degree.  Most young people either find dangerous manual labor jobs earning very little while those with more education try testing into the few available government jobs.  As the Chinese economy grows, the Nosu continue to struggle to make meager headway in life.

This work depends on your gifts.

These efforts to serve the Nosu people cannot be done without your help.  Your financial gifts are critical in helping continue this work.  Each project is funded completely by generous private donations.  We receive no government funding or subsidies.  Please help us continue this fight against poverty by giving generously.  All donations will be provided a tax exempt receipt.  Thank you!  

Fighting Poverty

Bringing Hope

The Nosu people continue their daily struggle to improve their lives, but still need your help.  Your gifts can make a significant difference in the lives of these people.  As you look through the pages of this site consider how you might be involved.
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